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Hello, I'm Cara Villarreal. Nice to meet you!
I'm a certified Life Purpose Coach and Reiki Master Teacher with a lifelong passion for traditional astrology and esoteric healing arts. Hermetic astrology was properly introduced to me early, at a young age in 1999 when I cast my first natal chart with my Tía. I have been observing and studying the cosmic energies since. 
Growing up energy healing was traditionally and remains, a frequent practice in my family. I undoubtedly learned from an early age the possible impact it could have on encouraging emotional or physical healing. I was fascinated to passionately pursue my firsthand knowledge further, leading me on the healing journey to Reiki, "universal energy." 
Now offering virtual sessions to deep dive into your natal chart, and empower you on your unique path to personal and spiritual development. I am genuinely honored to meaningfully connect + energetically support your divine life's ultimate purpose.

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